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June 28th 2019 GWA Ribbon Cutting Agat-Santa Rita Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Questions about your water bill or other water disputes? Call Customer Service at 647-7800 or 647-7803. Report a water leak or outage at 646-4211.

  • Bill payment

    • » What types of bills can I pay?

      You may pay for the latest issued bill/invoice for any GWA residential, commercial, or hotel account.

    • » Can I make multiple payments in one transaction?

      Yes, you can make as many invoice payments as you wish. Simply select all the invoices you want to pay during the first step of the payment process ("Bill Payment").

    • » Does my payment have to be the exact due amount? Can I pay over/under?

      Your payment amount may be exact, less than, or greater than the amount due on the invoice being paid.

    • » How long does it take for my payment to process?

      Your payment will be posted as paid one to two business days following the date of your transaction. Please note that transaction dates follow Chamorro Standard Time.

    • » Can I pay my mother's bill?

      Yes, you can make a payment for someone else as long as you add that person's GWA account as one of your secondary accounts (See "What are primary and secondary accounts?")

    • » Do I need an invoice to make a payment?

      No, you do not need an invoice to make a payment. However, you will need an invoice (of the most recent 3 invoices issued) when you first register for your PayGWA online account.

    • » Can I store my credit card information?

      For your added protection, you will NOT be able to store your credit card information. You will need to input your payment information each time you make a payment.

    • » I made a payment over-the-counter. Why don't I see this payment in my 'View History'?

      The payments shown with 'View History' ONLY include payments made using the web site. Payments made over-the-counter and/or mailed-in will not appear in 'View History', but will continue to be reflected on your issued bills.

    • » Do I need to print my receipt?

      We recommend that you print a copy of your receipt for your records. For your added convenience, we will be emailing you a copy of your confirmation receipt to the email address provided.

    • » What forms of payment do you accept?

      PayGWA accepts credit card payments using VISA or MasterCard.

    • » Do I receive an Email as proof of payment made online ?

      Upon each successful online payment, a confirmation email message is sent to your email address on record. This message contains all necessary identifying data to be offered as proof of payment for your bill(s). In addition, when you are logged in, you may use the Payment History module to review all online payments made to your associated GWA account(s), and you may use the Re-Print Receipt facility to re-display and/or re-print the receipt for any of your payments at any time, as many times as desired.

    • » Is it safe to enter my account information online?

      Yes, PayGWA uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology - the standard for secure transactions over the Internet - to ensure your information is safe and secure.

  • My PayGWA Account

    • » I forgot my password. What should I do?

      Click on 'Forgot your password?', located in the login section of the home page. Follow the instructions, and a new password will be sent to your e-mail address on record.

    • » I forgot my PayGWA user ID. What should I do?

      Please use the 'Contact Us' feature, and select the Subject of 'Forgot Online Account'. Make sure to enter some identifying information for yourself (at a minimum, first and last name, and GWA account number).

    • » What do I need in order to register?

      To register for PayGWA, you must have: (1) a recent GWA bill from the last 3 months, and (2) a valid e-mail account.

    • » How do I add a secondary GWA account?

      While logged in, select 'Edit My Secondary Accounts' from the 'Manage Profile' menu. Click on the Add icon and fill in the requested information (all requested data may be found on a bill issued for the account -- 1 of last 3 bills issued).

    • » My page is not loading properly?

      See Supported Browsers Category.

    • » What are primary and secondary accounts?

      The GWA account that you specify upon registering for PayGWA is referred to as your primary account. Once registered and logged in, you may add one or more other GWA accounts for which you can make payments. These other accounts are referred to as secondary accounts. To maintain a level of privacy for the owners of the secondary GWA accounts, detailed billing information cannot be viewed for secondary accounts.

    • » Why do I need to register?

      The online registration process results in the creation of a PayGWA user account that you can use to login and pay for your GWA bills.

    • » How do I change my password?

      While logged in, select 'Change My Password' from the 'Manage Profile' menu.

    • » How do I change my e-mail address?

      While logged in, select 'Change My E-mail Address' from the 'Manage Profile' menu. NOTE: There will be an additional verification step that will require that you check your email with the new email address that you specify.

  • Supported Browsers

    • » Mozilla Fire Fox Link

    • » Google Chrome Link

    • » Internet Explorer Link